> Beaded Kumihimo

This gallery shows some of my favorite beaded kumihimo pieces. Most of them are made with the kongo gumi/round braid structure on a foam disk and were made from 2007 to the present.

12 element earrings
16 element flowers
Alexandrite collage
Beaded Braid Sampler
Beaded Earrings
Candy Cane
Channel Set
Class sample
Color blend
Copper leaf
Desert turquoise
Fibonacci earrings
Fibonnaci wrap
Fleur di Lis
Flower chain
Flowercup braid
Halloween Time
Happy Mardi Gras
Here We Go
Inside Out
Kumihimo Drops
Kumihimo Post Earrings
Large Hole Bead
Male Chain
Oil slick
Pearl Girl
Pop on Top
Silver fleur bracelet
Sitting Pretty
Spring Leaves
Stormy nights
The Point
The Queen
Trio of Flat braids
Two braid sampler
Zags and Drops